AU M16 / M4 3-Position Ambidextrous Safety Selector


AU M16 / M4 3-Position Ambidextrous Safety Selector


Our Ambidextrous Safety Selector for M16/M4 select-fire rifles is an affordable solution for those seeking a tactical advantage. Whether replacing parts or building a new rifle an ambidextrous safety selector is a must!

Our precision machined safety selector puts factory style levers on both sides of the receiver for effortless operation using either hand. The unique modular design allows the user to setup their rifle to their comfort. 100% designed and manufactured in the USA with a lifetime replacement warranty!

(1) Safety Bar/Axis (3-position Select-Fire)
(2) Levers


  • Material: Precision CNC Machined 1018 Steel
  • Finish: Black Manganese Phosphate
  • Weight: Approx. 0.7 oz.
  • Fits: Select-Fire .223/5.56/.308/7.62/.300BLK receivers


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