AU Two Point Quick-Adjustable Rifle/Shotgun Padded Sling


AU Two Point Quick-Adjustable Rifle/Shotgun Padded Sling


Quickly change the length of pull on your sling to transition from a “hands free” carry of your weapon to a shooting position, with the added comfort of a padded rear section. The sling has no excess webbing or moving parts that could fail, get tangled, or caught up in the weapon.

Fits standard AR15/M4 rifles and almost any weapon when combined with additional sling hardware. 1.25” webbing can be looped through sling swivels, buttstock slots, or combined with separate sling hardware

Can be mounted upside down (adjuster to the rear) on traditional bolt action rifles and shotguns for a “muzzle up” carry


  • Overall length is adjustable to accommodate various sized weapons, with or without body armor
  • Heavy Duty 1.25″ Mil-Spec Webbing
  • Heavy Duty 3″ Polymer Tri-Glide Quick Adjuster
  • 5″ Easy-Grab Nylon Pull Tab
  • 18″ Long, 1.5″ Wide, 0.50″ Thick T/20 Padding
  • 100% USA Made


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